FxNice Introducing Broker (IB) Programme

The FxNice Introducing Broker Programme has been structured to offer you best of market rebates whilst increasing and adding value to your potential to profit and grow with our bespoke trading environment.

Our programme allows organizations and individuals around the world to be paid for introducing new clients to us. Unlock your potential and start earning commissions without and initial investment.

The FxNice IB Advantage

  •    Competitive, customizable commission packages
  •    Straightforward account opening and onboarding process
  •    Dedicated customer service and technical support
  •    Products and Platforms that suite traders of all levels
  •    Free research and analysis tools

Unlock your potential!

Become a FxNice Introducing Broker and start making money on every client you introduce.

Please fill this form and we will contact you to further discuss your application.

Alternatively, send us an email at support@fxnice.com and one of our Personal IB Managers will contact you to assist you through the process.

Get comfortable trading forex with a $50,000 practice account and a free forex trading guide.

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