Money Managers

FxNice offers Money Managers the Opportunity to manage client money, whilst earning top-level commission, using the best trading tools within the Foreign exchange industry. Manage multiple accounts simultaneously whilst enjoying the support & assistance of our experienced team.

Exact Foreign exchange offers an advanced & profitable partnership program for Money Managers, allowing them to monitor trade & keep track of limitless accounts whilst earning top-level commissions.

They provide an easy-to-use Money Manager method, which allows the money manager, from a single master account, to:

  •    Manage limitless trading accounts.
  •    Monitor all open trades, margin levels & balances for individual accounts.
  •    Group clients for simpler trade & account management.
  •    Perform one-click trade executions for individuals or groups.
  •    Implement automated trading strategies on advanced trading platforms.

The Exact Foreign exchange associates program is a ideal way to increase your revenue stream in case you are a:
Net site Owner , Webmaster , Signal Provider , Trading School , Industry Blogger , Trade Network , Knowledge Manager

For further information about our Money Manager Partnership Program, send an email to

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